Iglesias throughout the 4 seasons: what not to miss

Iglesias is perfect to be visited during all seasons.

The numerous activities and cultural and naturalistic attractions make it an interesting destination throughout the year.


Thanks to the mild climate, the spring period is the right time for outdoor excursions. In the territory of Iglesias, there is an embarrassment of choice. The Parco del Marganai (Marganai Park) with its Linasia Botanical Garden is the perfect option for those who want to spend their free time outdoors and relax. For the more adventurous and sporty, there are also climbing opportunities: the Pan di Zucchero sea stack and the Castello dell’Iride (Iride Castle) are wonderful locations to practice this sport.


The Sulcis Iglesiente coast is undoubtedly the perfect destination for summer holidays. The numerous beaches are spectacular, each for a very different reason. They offer breathtaking views, crystal clear waters and imposing sea stacks, places less crowded than other areas of Sardinia. The surrounding nature is almost untouched and the Mediterranean scrub dominates the territory. Among the many beaches in the area, the best-known are undoubtedly Masua and Cala Domestica.


Autumn in Iglesias presents a mild climate which makes excursions to mining sites enjoyable. Among the most important are definitely Porto Flavia, a symbol of the mining revolution in Sardinia; Monteponi, an imposing mining complex on the outskirts of the city, and Laveria Lamarmora, one of the most suggestive monuments of the mining landscape of Sulcis Iglesiente. In addition, in October, the Ottobrata Iglesiente is celebrated, a month dedicated to cultural events, shows, and sports.


Iglesias offers numerous activities even during the winter. In fact, there are many museums and churches to visit even during the cold season. The city has 4 museums plus the Municipal Historical Archive and 24 parishes. Museo dell’Arte Mineraria e Museo Mineralogico (The Mining Art Museum and the Mineralogy Museum) are two excellent opportunities to learn about the history of the city. As for churches, the Cathedral of Santa Chiara is a must-see if you visit Iglesias.

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