Cammino of Santa Barbara: all the stages

The Cammino Minerario di Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara Mining Path) is a religious and cultural itinerary that spans about 500 km along the southwestern part of Sardinia, in the Sulcis-Iglesiente-Guspinese region. The spiritual journey crosses sea, mountains, and mines, following the glorious mining past of Sardinia. A consistent presence along the path are the churches dedicated to the worship of Saint Barbara, the patron saint of miners.

The itinerary is divided into 30 stages, each about 16 km long, and almost 75% of the journey is on footpaths, mule tracks, dirt roads, and unpaved driveways, while the remaining 25% is on paved roads in urban centers and short rural stretches. The journey starts from the city of Iglesias, and after covering the 500 km path, returns to the same city. The altitude ranges from sea level to an elevation of 900 meters in the Marganai mountain range, and during the journey, there are opportunities to visit the numerous mining sites that have made history in the area.

The stages:

Stage 01 – From Iglesias to Nebida

Stage 02 – From Nebida to Masua

Stage 03 – From Masua to Buggerru

Stage 04 – From Buggerru to Portixeddu

Stage 05 – From Portixeddu to Piscinas

Stage 06 – From Piscinas to Montevecchio

Stage 07 – From Montevecchio to Arbus

Stage 08 – From Arbus to Perd’e Pibera

Stage 09 – From Perd’e Pibera to Villacidro

Stage 10 – From Villacidro to Monti Mannu

Stage 11 – From Monti Mannu to Arenas

Stage 12 – From Arenas to Su Mannau

Stage 13 – From Su Mannau to San Benedetto

Stage 14 – From San Benedetto to Marganai

Stage 15 – From Case Marganai to Domusnovas – Museums

Stage 16 – From Musei to Orbai

Stage 17 – From Orbai to Rosas

Stage 18 – From Rosas to Nuxis

Stage 19 – From Nuxis to Santadi

Stage 20 – From Santadi to Is Zuddas

Stage 21 – From Is Zuddas to Masainas

Stage 22 – From Masainas to Candiani

Stage 23 – From Candiani to Tratalias

Stage 24 – From Tratalias to Sant’Antioco

Stage 25 – From Sant’Antioco to Carbonia

Stage 26 – From Carbonia to Nuraxi Figus

Stage 27 – From Nuraxi Figus to Carloforte

Stage 28 – From Carloforte to Portoscuso

Stage 29 – From Portoscuso to Bacu Abis

Stage 30 – From Bacu Abis to Iglesias

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