Discover the mining sites of Iglesias and their glorious history

The territory of Iglesias is undoubtedly the protagonist of the mining revolution in Sardinia. In the past, the high presence of mining resources attracted the great Mediterranean powers, who started an intense exploitation of the metal mines in the Iglesiente area.

Today, the city bears witness to a glorious mining past acknowledged worldwide.

Here are the mining sites that you can visit during your vacation in Iglesiente:

Porto Flavia

You cannot visit Iglesias and not stop by the “port” that revolutionized the system of mineral transportation. The port remained operational until the 1960s and was dismantled with the progressive abandonment of the area’s extraction activity. At the end of the 20th century, Porto Flavia underwent a restoration intervention and is now open to tourists through guided tours. 


Santa Barbara Cave

Another jewel of the Iglesias territory is Grotta di Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara Cave). A surprising discovery made in 1952. During the excavation for the construction of a tunnel, workers found this spectacular cave. The large natural cavity was unknown to the scientific world because it was hidden inside the heart of the mountain. 


Laveria Lamarmora

It is one of the most fascinating and suggestive mining complexes throughout Sardinia. It is located in Nebida, a village of Iglesias, 15 kilometers away. From the original complex, it remains today, besides the amazing laundry on the sea, the construction of technical and administrative offices and the small mining village. 



The impressive complex just outside the city of Iglesias represents one of the sites included in the geo-mining park of Sardinia. It is one of the most fascinating and well-preserved sites of industrial archaeology. During its golden period, Monteponi hosted up to 1000 workers. During the mining era, the structures for the extraction activity were also built: Pozzo Sella and Pozzo Vittorio Emanuele, connected by the Galleria Villamarina. 


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