What to eat in Iglesias: traditional dishes

Sardinian cuisine is a triumph of flavors: from the main courses to dessert. Sardinian culinary tradition involves the use of local ingredients for its delicious recipes.

The Iglesias area is no exception and carries on the tradition with authentic-tasting dishes.

Here are the dishes to try absolutely during a vacation in Iglesias:

  • Su Mustatzeddu de Tamatiga, a kind of focaccia with a heart filled with tomato, oil, garlic, salt, basil, and oregano.
  • Sa Panada, a savory pie made up of a crust of purple pasta that can contain lamb, young goat or pork meat and vegetables.
  • Su Succu’e fa, a dish based on fava beans that is served on bread.
  • Fregola, a typical pasta prepared with meat or fish ingredients or simply vegetables.
  • Various types of pasta, such as Maccarroni de busa, Tallarinus, Spizzu e Ghetta and Zappuleddus.
  • Typical sweets, such as sa Pastiglia, su Gueffu Nieddu, su Pistoccu Incappau, Parafrittus, amaretti and Arrubiolus.

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