Laveria Lamarmora and Nebida mine

It is one of the most evocative monuments of the mining landscape. Set on the slope overlooking the sea of Nebida, today it is the majestic ghost of an ancient ore washing facility.

During its operational period, the facility was used for the selection and washing of minerals, a task mainly assigned to women. The ore washing facility was located near the calcination ovens, the storage warehouses, and the pier from which materials were shipped. The main materials processed were lead and zinc.

In 1919, Nebida was home to three thousand people, one third of whom worked in the mine. The mine experienced a long period of prosperity in the first half of the 20th century, interrupted only by the two world wars and closed permanently in the seventies.

Today, the skeleton of the ancient structure stands on the magnificent cliffs of Nebida in front of the 5 sea stacks and is one of the favorite backdrops for souvenir photos of the Iglesiente region.

The site is currently not visitable due to safety work.

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