The imposing mining complex on the outskirts of the city of Iglesias came to life thanks to a concession from the Kingdom of Sardinia in the mid-nineteenth century.

Led first by Giulio Keller, a skilled Hungarian engineer, and then by the just twenty-three-year-old Adolfo Pellegrini, the works gave rise to the splendid Bellavista building, headquarters of the management, accommodation for miners and shops, some washhouses for the sorting of minerals, and structures for the mining activity including the most important ones: Pozzo Sella and Pozzo Vittorio Emanuele connected by the Galleria Villamarina.

During its golden period, Monteponi hosted up to 1,000 workers.

Today, anyone who wants to get an idea of the mining past of Sulcis must absolutely visit the now abandoned village, which stands imposing and somewhat spectral on the ridge of a hill a few kilometers from the city.

It is suggested to fully enjoy the atmosphere and have all the elements for understanding the places, to take advantage of the guidance of one of the skilled local guides.


Guided tours are by reservation only and are managed by Cissa.

Address: Villa Bellavista, Località Miniere Monteponi, 09016 Monteponi CI

Telephone:  +39 0781274507 


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