Linasia Botanical Garden

Located inside the Foresta Demaniale di Marganai (Marganai State Forest), the Linasia botanical garden (named after the Linas mountain range) covers an area of approximately 9,000 square meters and reconstructs the physical environments and phytosociological associations of the territory.

The garden was created next to renovated mining buildings to house a guesthouse.

It hosts numerous local botanical species, some of which are quite rare and present in the wild, such as the Monte Linas Helichrysum or the Sulcis thistle. The various species of plants, shrubs, and flowers have been labeled to make them easier for visitors to recognize.

Additionally, a section of the botanical garden is dedicated to butterflies with specimens of plants on which they can more easily flutter.


Guided tours are available during certain periods of the year. For more information, please contact the Ente Foresta at +39 0781 20060

Address: Foresta demaniale del Marganai

Telephone:  +39 0781 20060 

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