Sanctuary of San Giuseppe

Built between the late 16th century and the early 17th century, it is characterized by typical late-Gothic style. The building has a simple façade topped by a tympanum and enriched by a rose window with polychromatic glass depicting the image of Saint Joseph and the Jesus Child. Inside, the hall has a pointed vaulted ceiling.

The altar houses a wooden structure containing the statue of Saint Joseph. On either side of the hall are two chapels. In the one on the right is the statue of Saint Lucy from the 15th century. In the one on the left is a statue of the Virgin from the 18th century, a Jesus Child from the 19th century, and the ancient bell of the sanctuary made by Canon Antonio Canavera in 1639.

In the sacristy of the sanctuary, there is a holy water font,  impressed by an effigy of Saint Clare defending herself from the Saracens by raising the monstrance.

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