Church of San Francesco

The current building dates back to the 16th century and is the result of a complete renovation of the previous 14th-century structure. It represents one of the most significant Gothic-Catalan architectures in Sardinia.

The simple façade features an archaic portal. Aligned with it is a rose window enclosed by modulated frames and, higher up, a capital supporting a graceful marble sculpture of the pregnant Virgin.

The interior is divided into bays by transverse arches resting on semi-pillars of shaped trachyte blocks. The capitals of the second and third pillars are carved with the coat of arms of the Iglesian municipality during the Aragonese and Spanish periods. On the capital of the fourth pillar, the Franciscan order’s emblem of two crossed arms appears on both the right and left sides. The next shield, on the fifth capital, bears the inscription “O.P.A.” and the date 1558.

The square-plan sanctuary is raised and covered by a stellar vault. Seven chapels open on each side, and from the first chapel on the right, one can reach a masonry choir loft.

Worth noting among the liturgical furnishings is the Retable of the Virgin attributed to the Stampacino painter Antioco Mainas, created around the mid-16th century.

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