Iglesias: itinerary to discover churches and sanctuaries

Iglesias translated from Spanish means “churches,” and this is no coincidence. The city actually has 24 parishes. The numerous churches can be grouped based on the historical periods in which they were built. Among the oldest, built according to the sacred Byzantine architecture, we remember the Church of Sant’Antonio Abate dating back to the 10th-11th […]

Events in Iglesias: immerse yourself in the city’s culture

There are numerous sports, cultural, musical, artistic, or religious events held in the characteristic medieval streets and squares of Iglesias throughout the year. Holy week The rites during Holy Week in Iglesiente are certainly among the most suggestive in Sardinia. The processions take place from Tuesday to Friday preceding Easter. Hypnotic and engaging, the city […]

Cammino of Santa Barbara: all the stages

The Cammino Minerario di Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara Mining Path) is a religious and cultural itinerary that spans about 500 km along the southwestern part of Sardinia, in the Sulcis-Iglesiente-Guspinese region. The spiritual journey crosses sea, mountains, and mines, following the glorious mining past of Sardinia. A consistent presence along the path are the churches […]

The old town of Iglesias: guide to its main attractions

Iglesias is a pleasant and peaceful town, its historic center is rich in attractions related to its history. Not everyone knows that the history of Iglesias is intertwined with that of Count Ugolino della Gherardesca, a historical figure and character in Dante’s Divina Commedia. The territory was assigned to the count in the second half […]

Iglesias for everyone: children, seniors, and disabled

Iglesias is a city for everyone. The numerous activities and attractions allow for an unforgettable vacation tailored to individual needs. Activities for children Iglesias is the perfect city for those traveling with children. Thanks to its museums, mining sites, and natural parks, they can learn and have fun at the same time. Porto Flavia is […]

What to eat in Iglesias: traditional dishes

Sardinian cuisine is a triumph of flavors: from the main courses to dessert. Sardinian culinary tradition involves the use of local ingredients for its delicious recipes. The Iglesias area is no exception and carries on the tradition with authentic-tasting dishes. Here are the dishes to try absolutely during a vacation in Iglesias:

Wild Iglesias: for those who love nature and the outdoors

The Sulcis Iglesiente is a territory characterized by wild and still pristine nature. Crystal clear waters, breathtaking landscapes, and evidence of ancient civilizations are the protagonists of this place waiting to be discovered. The beaches of Sulcis, each with their own characteristics and uniqueness, differ in the green-blue color of the sea and the Mediterranean […]

Iglesias throughout the 4 seasons: what not to miss

Iglesias is perfect to be visited during all seasons. The numerous activities and cultural and naturalistic attractions make it an interesting destination throughout the year. Spring Thanks to the mild climate, the spring period is the right time for outdoor excursions. In the territory of Iglesias, there is an embarrassment of choice. The Parco del […]

Discover the mining sites of Iglesias and their glorious history

The territory of Iglesias is undoubtedly the protagonist of the mining revolution in Sardinia. In the past, the high presence of mining resources attracted the great Mediterranean powers, who started an intense exploitation of the metal mines in the Iglesiente area. Today, the city bears witness to a glorious mining past acknowledged worldwide. Here are […]

Iglesias in 3 days: exploring the mining town

Among the extraordinary towns of Southern Sardinia, Iglesias is definitely worth a visit. The city was once known in ancient Pisan as “Villa di Chiesa” before becoming “Iglesias” during the Spanish domination. Iglesias has just over 27,000 inhabitants and is famous for its wild coast and glorious mining past that has characterized it. The city […]