Porto Flavia

Porto Flavia is an unmatched monument of industrial archaeology. It is a mining structure that is no longer operational, overlooking the beautiful southwestern coast of Sardinia. Every year, tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world are fascinated by the work that revolutionized the system of mineral transport in the 20th century. 1. […]

Seddas Moddizzis Mining Village

The Asproni Mining Village, also known as Seddas Moddizzis, was built at the beginning of the twentieth century to house the employees of the Gonnesa mine. It consists of about a dozen buildings, immersed in an area of great environmental interest. The access road to the village leads to the square where there are the […]

Pozzo Sella

Pozzo Sella, located inside the Monteponi site, was built between 1872 and 1874 to extract water that prevented the cultivation of minerals. Over time, the remarkable exterior structure, with its distinctive architecture, was used to house the mine’s technological services, such as the mechanical workshop, forges, and carpentry. Stopping at Pozzo Sella gives the chance […]


The imposing mining complex on the outskirts of the city of Iglesias came to life thanks to a concession from the Kingdom of Sardinia in the mid-nineteenth century. Led first by Giulio Keller, a skilled Hungarian engineer, and then by the just twenty-three-year-old Adolfo Pellegrini, the works gave rise to the splendid Bellavista building, headquarters […]

Villamarina Gallery

It takes its name from the Marquis of Villamarina, viceroy of the kingdom of Sardinia, and was excavated in 1852 at 174 meters above sea level. The gallery connected the two main shafts: the Sella shaft and the Vittorio Emanuele shaft. The first was designed by engineer Pellegrini to extract the water that prevented the […]

Laveria Lamarmora and Nebida mine

It is one of the most evocative monuments of the mining landscape. Set on the slope overlooking the sea of Nebida, today it is the majestic ghost of an ancient ore washing facility. During its operational period, the facility was used for the selection and washing of minerals, a task mainly assigned to women. The […]

Santa Barbara Cave and San Giovanni Mine

The Santa Barbara Cave provides the most stunning surprise effect in the Iglesiente tourist offer: a unique treasure in the world made possible by human work and natural forces. Even the history of its discovery is surprising. In 1952, during excavation for the construction of an ascending tunnel, the incredible spectacle of this magnificent cavern […]