Civic Museums of Iglesias

CIVIC MUSEUMS TOUR The Civic Museums tour includes visits to two museums: the Mining Art Museum and the Mineralogy Museum, both located in the Mining Institute Museum. These museums aim to preserve and showcase all the tools that in the past allowed miners to master the rock, becoming the creators of a mining culture that […]

Iglesias Old Town

DISCOVER THE HISTORICAL CENTER OF IGLESIAS WITH OUR GUIDES Starting point: Iglesias Tourism Office, Piazza Municipio, 1, 09016 Iglesias SU Duration: 1 hour Explore the historical center of Iglesias on foot with our tour guides. Iglesias represents the testimony of a glorious past, that of a city formerly known as the Villa di Chiesa. Take […]

Porto Flavia

Porto Flavia is an unmatched monument of industrial archaeology. It is a mining structure that is no longer operational, overlooking the beautiful southwestern coast of Sardinia. Every year, tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world are fascinated by the work that revolutionized the system of mineral transport in the 20th century. 1. […]

Linasia Botanical Garden

Located inside the Foresta Demaniale di Marganai (Marganai State Forest), the Linasia botanical garden (named after the Linas mountain range) covers an area of approximately 9,000 square meters and reconstructs the physical environments and phytosociological associations of the territory. The garden was created next to renovated mining buildings to house a guesthouse. It hosts numerous […]

Marganai Park

The Foresta Demaniale di Marganai (Marganai State Forest) is part of the “Parco naturale di Monte Linas, Marganai-Oridda, Montimannu” (Natural Park of Monte Linas, Marganai-Oridda, Montimannu), as it is considered area of landscape interest. The vast forest (3,650 hectares in the eastern and northern sectors) is crossed by numerous paths, many of which are very […]

Nebida viewpoint

The panoramic road is an all-paved loop, with the outer side protected by a railing. The Belvedere allows you to admire the coast and enjoy a breathtaking view. You can appreciate Pan di Zucchero and the three smaller sea stacks but also the ruins of the area’s mining past, in particular, the Laveria Lamarmora.

Pan di Zucchero

In the far southwest of Sardinia, just a few meters from the coast, the tallest sea stack in the Mediterranean rises suspended in the middle of the sea: Pan di Zucchero. Pan di Zucchero is one of the most imposing and spectacular natural monuments on the island, a symbol of the coast of Iglesiente. It […]

Blue Cave (Grotta Azzurra)

Grotta Azzurra is one of the many caves that open onto the sheer sea walls of the coast. It stands out from the other coves for its extreme beauty and uniqueness. A marine cave nestled between a deep blue sea and the cliff.  Inside, it offers visitors a spectacle of kaleidoscopic colors, the result of […]

Castello dell’Iride

Castello dell’Iride is the perfect place for climbing enthusiasts. The cliff is located in Nebida and is a real gem nestled among the rocks. The wall is made up of limestone slabs and for climbing enthusiasts, it is one of the most appreciated cliffs in Southern Sardinia. Its exposure is southeast: in summer it’s in […]

Bega sa Canna Beach

The beach of Bega Sa Canna is located in the town of Masua, a small center in the municipality of Iglesias. The small beach enjoys an excellent view of the Pan di Zucchero sea stack and extreme privacy, being rather isolated and moderately frequented. The sand of Bega Sa Canna is coarse, a natural mix […]