Masua Beach

Along the western coast of Sardinia, in the municipality of Iglesias, we find the beach of Masua, commonly known as Il Molo, due to the presence, to the north of the beach, of an old concrete pier and, as visible still today, the remains of an old warehouse used when the Masua mine was still […]

Porto Cauli Beach

Porto Cauli is one of the most famous beaches in the municipality of Iglesias, both among the locals and numerous tourists.  Located near the small village of Masua, this beach is particularly loved for its white sand, beautiful crystal clear sea with shades of green and blue, but above all for the splendid view of […]

Portu Corallo Beach

Between Masua and Nebida and a few miles from the beautiful Pan di Zucchero sea stack, lies the small beach of Portu Corallo, a true gem of the Iglesiente region, wild and not overcrowded.  The small cove is framed by a cliff with warm, reddish tones, above which the dense Mediterranean vegetation extends, standing out […]

Porto Ferru Beach

Porto Ferru Beach offers a wonderful wild and unspoiled environment. Completely immersed in nature and protected by two cliffs, the cove is characterized by fine sand with amber and golden tones.  The seabed is mostly sandy and shallow, but what really fascinates bathers is the polychromy of its waters with shades ranging from emerald green […]

Portu Banda Beach

Portu Banda is located just outside the town of Nebida. It is a small cove approximately 100 meters long, ideal for those who want to go fishing, diving, or sunbathing.  A must-visit for SUP lovers, its layout allows for a natural path around the three rocks that rise just in front of the beach while, […]

Cala Domestica

Cala Domestica is located on the southwest coast of Sardinia, two kilometers from Buggerru.  The beach enjoys a unique landscape where the mining history of the area merges with the wild nature and one of the most beautiful seas in Sardinia, with turquoise and blue colors and shallow, sandy seabeds.  Until 1940, minerals extracted from […]

Municipal Historical Archive

The Municipal Historical Archive is located on Via delle Carceri in the former district jail, built in 1794 and now a place of study. Inside it is kept the oldest existing document concerning the city: the “Breve di Villa di Chiesa”. This is the statute of Villa di Chiesa, the ancient name of the city […]

Diocesan Museum

The Diocesan Museum of Iglesias is located in the basement of the apse area of the Cathedral of Santa Chiara and opened in November 2013. The museum houses artifacts related to the history of the cathedral and liturgical objects from its Treasure, which are exhibited alternately with other thematically studied collections. The museum has periodically […]

Mining Institute Museum

The Museo Istituto Minerario (Mining Institute Museum) includes two museums: the Museo dell’Arte Mineraria (Mining Art Museum) and the Museo di Mineralogia (Mineralogy Museum). In 1998, some “mining men” created the Museo dell’Arte Mineraria. The aim was to preserve and show many of the things that allowed the miner to dominate the rock and, by […]

Ignoto Militi Museum

Housed in the headquarters of the Associazione Combattenti e Reduci (Combatants and Veterans Association), which was inaugurated in 1938, the museum showcases objects and materials from the First and Second World Wars, as well as combat and everyday life items used by the Fanti di Iglesias, spread across two floors of the museum. The exhibition […]