The ancient walls and the Guelfa tower

The ancient walls of Iglesias are the ruins of medieval fortifications surrounding the current historic center of the city.

In the past, the walls were interspersed with 23 towers and 4 gateways: Porta Maestra to the south, Porta Castello to the southeast, Porta Sant’Antonio to the north, and Porta Nuova to the west; the gateways to the ancient city.

Built with mixed stone, the walls, approximately 7 meters high, have been repeatedly renovated by the peoples who have succeeded each other in the city, first the Pisans and Aragonese and then the Arborenses.

Despite the expansion of urban development incorporating several stretches into private homes, part of the walls remains well preserved and maintains the massive characteristic of medieval military fortifications.

Along a unique wall path in Sardinia, stands out the Torre Guelfa, located at the highest point overlooking the entire city and the surrounding territory.

The ancient walls and the Torre Guelfa are visitable independently.

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