Salvaterra Castle

The castle of Salvaterra, known in the past as the castle of San Guantino, was built in the medieval period, after 1258, probably by the will of Count Ugolino Della Gherardesca.

Built on the Salvaterra hill, from which it takes its name, at the time it had a strategic position that allowed it to oversee the city and communicate with the other castles in the territories of the Republic of Pisa: the Castle of Villamassargia, the Castle of Acquafredda di Siliqua and the castles of San Michele Castro in Cagliari.

At the end of the 19th century, it completely lost its military function and was joined to a neo-gothic villa and a glassworks, both designed by engineer Edoardo Sanna.

Today, the castle offers a splendid view of the city, hosts several events, but above all, it hosts the permanent exhibition of Storia Medievale e Torture (Medieval History and Torture).

The exhibition includes weapons, armor, war machines, and torture devices used in the Inquisition trials.


Address: Via Monte Altari, 09016 Iglesias CI

Telephone:  +39 351 97835669

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