Asproni Mining Institute

The Istituto Minerario “Giorgio Asproni” (Giorgio Asproni Mining Institute) was established in 1871 by the will of Minister Quintino Sella, a statesman who gave a strong boost to the mining activities in the Iglesias area at that time.

The deputy believed it was necessary to provide the city, which was then at the peak of its mining activity, with a school that would train miners and foreman for the mines.

The Institute, whose classrooms and laboratories still miraculously retain the atmosphere of the late nineteenth century, has carried out a glorious teaching activity to this day, graduating experts who have worked in deposits all over the world.

Today, the historic building only houses part of the Institute’s teaching activities and is open to visitors who can admire its rich mining collection.

The basement of the building houses the Museo dell’Istituto Minerario (Mining Institute Museum).

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