Costume and Traditions Museum

The Costume and Traditions Museum of Iglesias was inaugurated in 2019 thanks to the ethnographic and anthropological heritage collected and preserved for years by the master Priola, owned by him and acquired through donations from families in Iglesias.

The museum preserves costumes, jewelry, and household items from the past. In the ground floor room, visitors can admire everyday utensils such as baskets, jars, carved and painted chests, looms, grinding stones, and presses.

In the first-floor room, visitors can admire the traditional costume of Iglesias. Regarding the traditional women’s dress, there are several types according to  social class or a woman’s condition at a particular moment in her life. For example, “Sa Nostrada” was the noble or bourgeois woman who wore the dress that best identified with Iglesias. The “Massaja Antiga” was the landowner. Beautiful is the dress of “Sa Bagadia” or the young lady.

The men’s outfit includes a white shirt with a wide collar, a blue or black corset, a black orbace or cloth jacket, ankle-length pants, also in black orbace, and finally “Sa Berritta” or “Su sombreri,” the headgear.

On the side, there are many precious pieces, including shawls and corsets, and in the central part, jewels, including earrings, pendants, brooches, and buttons are displayed.

The museum can be visited every day by reservation at the Tourist Office by calling +39 0781274507 or by sending an email to


Address: Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 2, 09016 Iglesias SU

Opening Hours: Tutti i giorni previa prenotazione all’Ufficio del Turismo di Iglesias

Telephone:  +39 0781274507 


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